By Bike - Pedalo a Ruota Libera

By Bike

The project itself, born from an Alberto Milanesi's idea, proposes a tour and transport service using an advanced bicycle that can carry a max of four persons.
Designed and structured intineraries will bring the tourists to get in touch with the most and least known attractions of the city.
Referring to a Regional proposal pursued by Lombardy Region and "Unionecamere Lombardia" to develop bicycle tourism round the Region.

The cultural Assosiation Creo, in collaboration with the Cultural Assosiation Greenwood, propose a tourism promotion project with the target to revalue the territory and the artistic heritage of Vigevano to stimulate and offer a better tourist service, decentralizing the focus from the Old Town and the "Piazza Ducale" (historical square of Vigevano).

The Sites


One of the Vigevanese's Fractions. Composed by different monumental copmplexes, born in different historical periods, like: The Colombarone, the nineteenth-century complex of the manor house with its park and the S. Antonio church.

Morabassa Windmill

Located in Strada Morabassa 34, built in the 1400s designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The structure, completely renewed, contains the Leonardo Da Vinci museum with fully functional models of most of the Leonardo machines.

S. Ambrose Cathedral

The S. Ambrose Cathedral also known as "Duomo di Vigevano" (Vigevanese Cathedral), is the main religious building of the City. Built over a thousand years ago, its foundamentals are the base structure of the heart of Vigevano which hosts priceless treasures, a pipe organ from the end of the '700 and beautiful paintings.

The Castle and Cavallerizza

Composed by different buildings, one of them The Cavallerizza, The Bramante tower, The "strada coperta" (covered road) and the castle garden. The buildings hosts the shoe museum and the civic art gallery.

Ticino Park

The oldest regional natural Italian park. An incredible set of flora and fauna in a vast green space of 91,410 hectares.

Project Objectives

This raises the idea of developing an enhancement process that helps discovering the city. The route will use the road network of the city of Vigevano using the bicycle, a typical expression of movement that will allow the tourists to see and appreciate all the beauty of our city.

Territorial Enhancement

Expecting a real enhancement of the cultural sites of Vigevano, identifying a cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomic offer. This kind of trip aim to give a new value to the concept of cultural heritage, creating an interaction between the enhancement and protection of the assets and the cultural and territorial context in which they are placed, aiming to catch all the typical aspects.

Enogastronomy and Local Products

One of the keypoints of the project relate to food and the rediscovery of local products. At this purpose, food and wine tours will be organized, aimed to let the tourist know about our food tradition and discover healty and tasty products and dishes.

Enhancement of the freetime with the Family

Another key part of the project will be promoting situations of activities at schools to raise awareness among students of different age groups, against ecology and respect for the environment. In addition, a second objective will be to bring families out of the shopping centers and their sedentary lifestyle, so that they can get in touch with out beautiful but not so well-known territory. To do so discounts and incentives will be offered to families.

Valorization of the Excellences

The rides will be organized to show places linked to some important figures of our City like Lucio Mastronardi, Eleonora Duse, Vito Pallavicini.